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Essential Engineers is focused on providing Precision plastic Injection Moulds ,Dies, tools, for plastic products & technical solutions to small and medium sized businesses that want and need to use the such type of low cost moulds with high quality for profitably grow their businesses, Since inception, the Company has continued to abide by its commitment to customer service and support. We specialize in making Plastic Injection Moulds, Compression Moulds, Blow Moulds, Hot Runner Moulds, Insert Molds, Single cavity and Multi cavities moulds, Precision Plastic Molds, Unscrew moulds, the products of mold range including: Automotive parts, medical, Cosmetic & Packaging, Electrical, home appliance,etc. Our specialty is in Injection Unscrew moulds, Cap Moulds, PVC moulds, Bottle moulds, Electronic items Mould, Surgical Mould, Automobile parts Mould, etc. Essential Engineers manufacture your moulds to high quality with degree of accuracy for greater performance and longer service life since 2010, we are having years of experience in designing and manufacturing of moulds by using latest CAD/CAM technologies

We Offer Services for

  • Multi Cavity Moulds
  • Modular Moulds
  • Hot Runner / Semi hot Runner Moulds
  • Cold Runner Moulds
  • Insulated Runner Moulds
  • Insert Moulds
  • Moulds with hydraulic side cores
  • Moulds with undercut on cavity and core sides
  • Split moulds
  • Moulds with side cores
  • Unscrewing moulds
  • 2 plate and 3 plate moulds
  • Automatic Blow Moulds
  • Compression Moulds
  • Hydraulic Core Puller System Moulds
  • Plastic Product Design
  • Plastic Mould Design

Our Company

Essential Engineers is one of the leading companies in the manufacture and supply for Standard, Custom made Moulds & Precision works. since 2010. Essential Engineers is promoted by Mr. Amit Sharma and Mr. Anup Kumar, The company has established its name in the precision plastic mould & Dies industry. Essential Engineers is known for their high quality and reliable service apart from quick and reliable delivery. We manufacture quality plastic moulds for various industries. These plastic moulds, we design and manufacture with using latest CAD/ CAM softwares & hi-tech machines, best raw material and cutting tools we have incorporated in our manufacturing unit, hence our customers are assure of getting high quality end products and longer service life standards from our mould products. Our valuable customer are belongs to different industries ,We are serving to all below industries not just only by mould making but many time by supplying their finish plastic precision product by quality molding also as per their custom need.


Essential Engineers is equipped with the latest technology machinery and infrastructure to take on the most challenging projects. The in-house tool room facility hosts CNC machining centers, Spark Erosion EDM Machine, Surface Grinders, Lathes, Milling and other conventional machineries. We are capable of manufacturing molds rangeing from 25 tonnes to 600 tonnes.

  • Work experience for various industries
  • Surgical / Disposable industries
  • Cosmetics industries
  • Alarm clock industries
  • Electrical industries
  • Electronic industries
  • House hold industries
  • Automobile Industries
  • Rubber Industries
  • We are manufacturing following Types of moulds
  • Two plate system auto injection Moulds
  • Three plate system auto injection Moulds
  • Hot runner system auto injection Moulds
  • Rotational core system auto injection Moulds
  • Split two plate system auto injection Moulds
  • Split three plate system auto injection Moulds
  • Hydraulic core pulling system moulds
  • Hand injection moulds
  • Blow moulds

Manufacturing Services offered by us

While we make best quality mould, if you have questions or need specific requirement in mould or more information, please email us and we'll be happy to help.

We Offer Services for

  • Moulds Manufacturing:
  • Injection moulds / Blow Moulds
  • Compression Moulds
  • Moulds with split section
  • Moulds with rotational core feature
  • Moulds with side core pulling systems
  • Multi cavity tools for high volume production
  • Fully & Semi Hot Runner System Moulds
  • Complex insert mould tools
  • Fully automatic tools to de-gate the runner
  • Custom finish to suit specific moulds
  • CAD design, Plastic mould designing
  • New product development work
  • We offer services for
  • Plastic products of any type
  • International quality
  • On-time delivery
  • Competitive prices
  • Developing new Moulds & products in shortest possible time
  • Contract manufacturing on Job work basis
  • Designing Work of Product & Moulds
  • Cnc Milling / Edm Machining work.

Official Details

NAME OF COMPANY Essential Engineers
ANUP KUMAR ( 9811476125 )
E- MAIL essential.engineers@yahoo.in
WEB SITE http://www.essentialengineers.in
Bank Axis Bank Ltd.
Bank Address Ground Floor & 1st Floor, Prasvnath Shahdara Metro Tower, Opp. Shahdara Metro Station Delhi 110032
CURRENT A/c 911020023779108
MICR CODE 110211071
Banker Website http://www.axisbank.com
TIN NO. 07850399693
CST NO. 07850399693

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal process of a new project ?

It usually begins with a drawing/sketch or a similar samples / prototype. We then collect the data required for an injection mold quote and any special material requirements if you may have, after study of your material & through our interview process. Once we have all of the information we need, we will complete your quote. If the project is approved, we ask for an initial advance payment of 70% of the mold cost to cover material costs, and the mould making begins. When your mould is completed, we will take mould trial & produce a few parts out of it, if you need more samples from mould running we may supply, it may attract extra cost which is not included in the price of the mold, and when parts are approved, the remaining 30% of the mold is invoiced.

What are the convenient options to send inquiry ?

You may send us product drawings / samples images /sketches by email, or you may send inquiry at our mailing address along with samples, drawings hard copy, cd presentation or any convenient mode to you in English / Hindi language only

Which format you prefer for drawings file to send inquiry ?

You may send us product drawings / parts drawing in *.IGES / *.X_T / *.STP or *.DWG, which is preferred format

Which are the preferred courier service to send samples ?

For international customers Fedex service is preferred,
For domestic customers First Flight, DTDC Courier services preferred

How much max. attachment size in email you can handle for receiving drawings File/Images to forward inquiry?

You may send us attachment files by email up to 8mb per mail, which is preferred. looking to our existing broadband connection.

For online communication do you have skype / yahoo ID ?

Yes it is possible to online discuss or chat regarding inquiry in business hours,
pl. note our all communication details , Click Here Our Skype ID : essential_engineers

What is the maximum size of mould making possible at your work ?

We are normally making moulds for up30 Ton to 600 Ton moulding machine. above this size we can make moulds but we need to send some of the mould work operation by out sourcing / jobwork basis for particular items, it depends on your component type.

What is the normal dispatch terms of export ?

We are normally quote for Ex-works, however on your special request we may quote for FOB India, FOB your country, Door delivery, etc. after consulting local logistic company on behalf of you.

Are you able to Export of goods ?

Yes , we are regularly exporting goods, we are having all necessary license, Click here for official details

Are you able to send weekly updates regarding our mould order status ?

We are normally sending weekly email work updates to our customer by email if customer has requested us.

What are the dispatch mode possible for export ?

We are able to dispatch goods by sea & by air cargo services as our city having International airport facility for air cargo & ICD at Tuglkabad for sea cargo booking

What is the airport distance from your works ?

Our workshop is 26 Kms. away from international airport Delhi

Are you sending drawings with moulds ?

We are preparing moulds with complete drawings for all parts, on your special request we may send drawings by CD/DVD by courier, some time may attract additional cost, Pl. discuss.

What is the packing facility for export ?

We are packing the moulds in wooden box, with fumigation of full box and taking certificate from authorized agency.

Which technical details you advice to send along with mould purchase order process ?

We need few more technical details from you, Pl. click here for details to be send along with mould purchase order. Along with PDF / scan copy of machine catalogue if available

I have other query, what to do ?

pl. use our online Contact form to inform us, we will try to help you.

Where can I find the Technical details for Moulding Machine Specifications ?

Please download the document by clicking the link below.
Technical details for Moulding Machine Specifications

Quality Control

To achieve and sustain the customer's satisfaction by meeting up consistently the quality requirements of the customer at competitive price, and maintaining on-time delivery. The nature of our business places an enormous emphasis on quality control. At Essential Engineers , we are relentlessly monitoring the quality of our products and services to ensure that at no point they are compromised and remain consistent and unsurpassed. We want to establish a long-lasting bond with our customers. Hence, be it a small spare part or a big volume order, you and your valued order will be given the attention and priority you deserve. Each mould, whether it be simple or complex, requires enormous expenditure of human resources and technology: the close attention given to the growth in professional ability of our staff and to new design and construction technology enables us to maintain the quality of each individual operation high and to supple a mould which is of the highest precision and reliability, which means the user can be profit from higher productivity and constant quality. Complete traceability of all materials used and a documented quality control policy The superior quality of raw materials used in its manufacturing assure our clients of getting high quality end products and longer service life standards from our mould products. Raw materials, work-in-process and finished products pass through our stringent quality control procedures, respecting strict quality demands. Unless the raw materials, work-in-process and finished products qualify our inspection, further development plans are halted. Quality Control, Customer Service and Assurance at Essential Engineers operate as singularly integrated systems providing the global markets with outstanding products and service of a consistently high quality.

  • Mould Design Control
  • Mould Steel Inspection
  • Mould Electrodes Inspection
  • Mould Core and Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection
  • Mould Pre-Assembly Inspection
  • Mould Trial Report and Samples Inspection
  • Mould Pre-Shipment Final Inspection


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